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Back 4 Blood Evangelo Guide

Here's how to maximize Evangelo's potential in Back 4 Blood.
Here's how to maximize Evangelo's potential in Back 4 Blood. / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood's Evangelo may not seem like one of the strongest characters in the game at first blush, but with the right cards, he can transform into a melee monster. His proficiency at the up close and personal can make him invaluable when fighting off the undead hordes. Here's how to stack the deck in your favor as Evangelo.

Back 4 Blood Evangelo Guide

Evangelo's special ability allows him to get increased stamina regeneration and buff his teammates' movement speed. It allows lets him escape grabs once every 60 seconds, which can save your life if deployed strategically. He particularly shines when hacking and slashing with the machete, which is convenient as the machete is one of the strongest weapons in Back 4 Blood.

To push Evangelo to his maximum efficacy, you'll want to include the following cards in your deck:

  • Meth Head — +40% melee attack speed, +40% melee stamina efficiency; melee attacks no longer stick through enemies; disables aim down sights.
  • Slugger — +5 health, +10% melee efficiency, +20% melee attack speed.
  • Brazen — +30% melee stamina efficiency, +30% melee attack speed, -5% damage resistance
  • Run and Gun — You can shoot while sprinting
  • Speed Demon — +6% move speed while using an SMG, +35% reload speed while using an SMG
  • Hellfire — +45% move speed while firing, +5% move speed while not firing
  • Quick Kill — +50% accuracy, disables aim down sights
  • Batter Up — +50% melee damage, +5 health
  • Berserker — +10% melee damage, +10% melee speed, and +5% move speed for each melee kill in the last four seconds
  • Sunder — Melee hits cause the target to take 20% increased damage for five seconds
  • Face Your Fears — +3 temporary health when you kill a Ridden within two meters
  • Scar Tissue — Reduces the damage taken by all Ridden by one
  • Battle Lust — Melee kills heal two health
  • Ignore the Pain — +20% melee damage against Mutations; when you deal melee damage to a mutation gain one temporary health and recover three stamina
  • Heavy Hitter — Melee hits against weakspots deal 20% additional stumble damage

This decklist focuses on Evangelo's melee capabilities, often at cost to his shooting. It features a few concessions to SMGs, but really shines with melee. As long as you stick with melee weapons, you should be fine.