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Back 4 Blood Jukebox Music Needs to be Turned Off for Streaming

Photo by Turtle Rock Studios

If you are playing Back 4 Blood and want to stream the game to your fans and friends, then make sure you pay attention because the jukebox music might be your downfall.

The jukebox in Back 4 Blood contains a music list of copyrighted music that should not be played if you decide to stream the game.

Back 4 Blood Jukebox Music List

In the tweet above, MissAlissaBarry warns any content creators to be careful when streaming Back 4 Blood because "The Jukebox has licensed music that will play when used. We do not own the streaming rights for the songs that play so be sure to turn your music off when interacting with the jukebox."

With music being such a big topic in the streaming world in the past year, especially with the changes we saw earlier this year in twitch's overhaul of music rules and regulations, streamers have to be more careful than ever to make sure copyrighted music does not play on their channels.

So, when playing Back 4 Blood, if you plan on streaming the game to your audience, make sure to turn off the music before interacting with Jukebox at all.

Although it takes away from the game's overall experience, it is a small price to pay to enjoy the game with your fans.