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Back 4 Blood Private Lobby: How to Create a Private Lobby

Photo by Turtle Rock Studios

Now that Back 4 Blood is officially released, fans of the game have started to discover multiple ways to play games such as a private lobby.

It is not so obvious how to set up a private lobby in Back 4 Blood so there are a few things you have to do to get there.

Back 4 Blood Private Lobby: How to Create a Private Lobby

In the tweet above, back4blood showed off their new stream for anyone who plans on streaming Back 4 Blood to their viewers. It is something that can be downloaded for free.

To start a private lobby, the first thing you have to do is make your way to the screen just like you were about to start a game.

Next, go to the settings tab. Once their go, go towards social settings and click on the privacy option. In there, make sure to turn on the option that says, "Invite Only." This will make it so that no one else can join your session without an invite.

Once that is complete, go towards the Campaign tab. Next you want to select preferences and find your way onto to the Matchmaking window.

With the three options presented to you once you open the matchmaking window, make sure to set Private Campaign Lobby to on. After that, back out of the menu entirely.

Once you start your game, you will be playing entirely against bots in a private lobby.