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Back 4 Blood Supply Points Farm Guide

Courtesy of Turtle Rock Games
Courtesy of Turtle Rock Games /

Back 4 Blood is a newly released Zombie Survival game from Turtle Rock Studios, a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. This game is all about having enough of the in-game currency, supply points. This item cannot be gained in single-player, so playing online with others will be a necessity to getting player's hands-on as many supply points as possible. Here is the best way to farm these supply points in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Supply Points Farm

The best way to gain supply points in Back 4 Blood is to run the final mission of Act 1: Blue Dog Hollow, over and over again. This mission, when done right, can give players the most supply points with the most efficient time crunch. The mission is about using a Howitzer to blow up a mine. The tank must be fixed and loaded multiple times. This can be very time-consuming but done with the right character group, the process can be streamlined to be done quite fast. When this mission is run with a Karlee, use speed is increased. Additional perk cards can stack this effect, making the interactions go by very quickly.

Completion of this mission nets players 38 supply points, and the number of supply points gained rises as difficulties get higher. There is no better way to farm these points right now, as the mission when done right can be done in only a few minutes. Back 4 Blood is available on all platforms today, and all players can jump into the zombie-killing fun now.