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Back 4 Blood Walker Player Guide

This Back 4 Blood guide for Walker picks out the best card for the former army ranger.
This Back 4 Blood guide for Walker picks out the best card for the former army ranger. / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios

Walker is one of Back 4 Blood's most straightforward cleaners. He excels with firearms, especially in the hands of a sharpshooter — he gets 20% accuracy for five seconds every time he hits a Precision Kill. Combined with his 10% extra damage dealt and his +10 team health boost, he's a strong all-around cleaner. Here's how to build him out.

Back 4 Blood Walker Player Guide

In line with his background as a former army ranger, Walker is most effective wielding assault rifles, as they have the range and precision necessary for him to hit his Precision Kills. Sniper rifles are also a good option for Walker.

As far as your deck goes, here's a strong list for Walker that emphasizes dealing plenty of damage at range.

  • Two Is One And One Is None — Grants the ability to equip a second primary, -25% weapon swap speed
  • Ridden Slayer — +20% weak spot damage
  • Reckless Strategy — +30% weakspot damage, -5% damage resistance
  • Hyper-Focused — +50% weakspot damage, -75% ADS move speed
  • Patient Hunter — +10% damage for each second aim down sights (stacks up to three times)
  • Overwatch — Kills at more than 15 meters grants five temporary health to nearby allies within 10 meters of the target
  • Stock Pouch — +30% sniper ammo capacity, +10% damage with sniper rifles
  • Line ‘Em Up — +100% bullet penetration with assault rifles
  • Shredder — Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for three seconds (stacks up to 15%)
  • Tactical Vest — +30% rifle ammo capacity, +10% damage with assault rifles and LMGs
  • Widemouth Magwell — +30% reload speed, -5% damage resistance
  • Reload Drills — +30% reload speed
  • Silver Bullets — +10% bullet damage, +150% bullet penetration; when you kill a Mutation you lose 5 copper
  • Large Caliber Rounds — +7.5% bullet damage, +100% bullet penetration, -20% stamina efficiency
  • Broadside — Precision Kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode dealing 15 damage to other Ridden within four meters.