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Back For Blood October 14 Hotfix Revealed

Courtesy of Turtle Rock Games
Courtesy of Turtle Rock Games

Back 4 Blood has just recently released and is already seeing some fixes made by the developer team at Turtle Rock. This hotfix does not include any large-scale changes, but does fix some important issues as well as address balancing issues. This is the first of many future updates to the game, and the near-immediate fixes from the studio bode well for the future. Here are the updates in the October 14 Hotfix for Back 4 Blood.

Back For Blood October 14 Hotfix Revealed

1. Campaign

These issues are to specifically focus on the difficulty and replay value of some of the levels of the campaign.

Roaming Special Spawn rate decreased on all difficulties

Adjusted Supply Point earning rates for Blue Dog Hollow: The Sound of Thunder to better account for level repeats

2. Swarm

These are general gameplay changes to a lot of the Swarm enemies to more properly balance the mode. These changes were made based on the observed data from matches already played.

Bruisers max health reduced to 800 from 850

Bruisers damage reduced to 15 from 20

Bruiser Burst delay to 3 from 2.65

Bruiser Weakspot multiplier increased to 1.65 from 1.5

Tallboy damage increased to 20 from 15

Hocker Projectile speed to 2500 from 3000

Hocker Projectile cooldown to 7 from 6

Stinger Projectile spread reduced to 20 from 30

Stinger Projectile speed increased to 5500 from 5000