Back Pack Hero Update Detailed

Photo courtesy of Vicarious

The first major update coming to Backpack Hero on Sept. 20 is bringing a new character, items, game modes, and changes to game mechanics.

Satchel will join the game's unique cast of characters: Purse the Packrat, Tote the Frog Shaman, and CR-8 the robot, giving players an inventory advantage by creating bags with multiple different pockets. Click below to see this robin in action:

Backpack Hero was released to Steam on Aug. 15 and is a tactical dungeon crawler RPG. This inventory management roguelike adventure lets players venture through dungeons filled with enemies' loot with the challenge of managing the limited space in their backpacks. Strategy and organizational skills are essential as players are forced to make decisions about which loot to take as they progress, keeping in mind that some items can boost their effects when placed adjacently while others may require empty spaces around them.

The new update coming to Backpack Hero will also bring a vast variety of new items and game modes players will face when entering dungeons. Here were some of the new stuff being added frompatch notes.

  • Two new Run Types
  • "Touch" where you can store items
  • New combat song
  • Hammers
  • Throwing stars
  • Instruments
  • New "discovery" events
  • New "Forge" system
  • New enemy that steals gold

Additionally, Backpack Hero will receive fixes to glitches in characters and status effects as well as some changes that will smoothen and improve gameplay:

  • The ability to fight groups of 5 and 6 enemies
  • Gold will be displayed at the top of the screen
  • Items can be forged multiple times and each item has a number of "forge slots" in the bottom right of the card
  • Endless Dream enables unlimited forging of weapons
  • Dungeons and more rooms are mostly hidden before enemies are defeated
  • Grandmaster summons only one enemy at a time
  • Map now opens automatically each time you go to a new floor