Balance changes for Fiora, Gnar, Master Yi, Morgana, Ornn, Trundle and Renekton arrived on the Public Beta Environment on Wednesday in the latest League of Legends Patch 9.8 PBE update.

K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition’s final tweaks are also included in the update, as are small changes for Invictus Gaming Fiora’s visual effects and a Galaxy Slayer Zed login theme. Check out the tentative League of Legends balance changes below.

League of Legends Patch 9.8 PBE Update Balance Changes


Bladework (E)

  • Attack speed reverted from 75% to 50%



  • Cooldown lowered from 90/70/60 seconds to 90/60/30

Master Yi

Highlander (R)

  • Master Yi is now able to move through units during Highlander


Dark Binding (Q)

  • AP ratio reverted from 75% to 90%

Black Shield (E)

  • AP ratio reverted from 40% to 70%


Living Forge (Passive)

Forgefire Cape: Health increased from 625 to 750, armor increased from 90 to 100

Infernal Mask: Health increased from 550 to 750, magic resist increased from 90 to 100

Frozen Fist (Not yet in-game): Armor increased from 95 to 125


Pillar of Ice (E)

  • Slow reverted from 25/35/45/55/65% to 12/25/35/45/55%

Subjugate (R)

  • Cooldown decreased from 11/90/70 seconds to 100/80/60 seconds


Base stats

  • HP increased from 572.16 to 575
  • Attack speed growth increased from 2.65% to 2.75%
  • Armor growth increased from 3.8 to four

Cull the Meek (Q)

  • Healing against champions increased from 3x to 4x

Photo courtesy of Riot Games