Bandage Bazooka Fortnite: How Does it Work?

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Bandage Bazooka Fortnite has been temporarily disabled from the competitive and playground modes in the game. The new weapon was introduced this season of Fortnite and it's safe to speculate that the Bandage Bazooka will be returning soon.

Here is everything you need to know about the Bandage Bazooka.

Bandage Bazooka Fortnite: How does it work?

The Bandage Bazooka is an epic level healing weapon that was made available during the initial patch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

This weapon works by shooting bandages that heal the player by 15 HP all the way to max HP. Aiming the Bazooka at teammates will heal them, and if you aim it at the wall you will heal yourself. Although, the only drawback is that the Bandage Bazooka takes up two inventory slots, so be mindful of the loadout you use when this item is equipped.

Overall, this item seems to be better suited for duos or teams, but it could be a liability in solos due to the lack of support from teammates and the loss of inventory space.

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