Apex Legends

Bangalore Can Instantly Destroy Doors Thanks to Her Smoke

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' Bangalore was recently discovered to have a secret ability to destroy doors in a single hit, thanks to her tactical ability, the smoke grenade.

While it typically takes legends two hits to fully destroy a door, Bangalore, under the right circumstances, only needs one hit to fully destroy it. There are many uses for this door-breaking ability, one of which is to surprise an enemy on the other side trying to heal or revive a teammate.

Since the door appears to be physically untouched, this gives enemies a false sense of security, leaving Bangalore open to press the attack while they are at their most vulnerable.

YouTuber Skeptation has a video detailing how to use Bangalore's secret door breaking ability, stating that using Bangalore's smoke ability on a door will leave it in a destroyable state without actually making the door look like it will be destroyed in only one hit.

Skeptation also makes a note that the door breaking ability will only work with a minimum distance between the Bangalore using her smoke ability and the door that she plans on destroying. Skeptation states that the Bangalore player must be standing at least 15 meters away to the door they plan on cracking with their smoke.

While this ability to break doors in a single hit is not as game breaking as Bangalore mains would hope, it is enough to net players kills from enemies who are unaware of Bangalore's secret ability.