Apex Legends

Bangalore's Heirloom Leaked Ahead of Apex Legends Release

Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Season 8 has brought about a lot of changes to Apex Legends, including several new heirlooms. As part of the original eight legends, Bangalore is the last of them to receive an heirloom. And luckily for us, data miners have uncovered just what it is.

Now, this is not the first time that Bangalore's heirloom has been leaked - in fact, it was around the same time that Caustic's heirloom was identified. But, with the Season 8 update, data miners have uncovered that Bangalore's heirloom has a new look.

Respawn Entertainment seem to have changed their minds from the original heirloom design. While it was thought to be a Tonfa (a type of baton used by the military and police), that has now been replaced. Bangalore's new heirloom is now a knife.

While previous leaked data only revealed a file name of the Tonfa heirloom, this time we are much luckier. Reliable data miners uncovered the knife model shortly after the Aftermarket Event.

Apparently, the game files have been changed from the original Tonfa design to 'knife looking melee weapon'. So, this leak certainly looks promising. And the heirloom is similar to a type of Indian Machete: a Kukri, which distinguishes it from other knife heirlooms already in play.

Bangalore's heirloom is expected to drop in Season 8, and despite there inevitably being a disappointment at there being another knife heirloom, Respawn Entertainment may backtrack on the decision once again. We'll just have to wait and see if this particular leak pans out.