Baruffio Brain Elixir Wizards Unite are the equivalent of Lucky Eggs in Pokemon GO and should be made handy during events.

Baruffio Brain Elixir grants double Wizarding XP from Traces, Wizarding Challenges and Portkeys.

Here's everything you need to know to get the Baruffio Brain Elixir in Harry Potter; Wizards Unite.

Baruffio Brain Elixir Wizards Unite: How to Make The Harry Potter Wizards Unite Elixir

This is the perfect elixir to grind experience and gain levels for a heavy day of Wizards Unite or during an event. This lasts 30 minutes.

To make it, you need two Leaping Toadstools, two Frog Brain, one Runespoor Eggs, and one Powdered Dragon Claw.

There is a way to reduce the creation time. You need to stir the potion clockwise inside the cauldron then pinch inward inside the cauldron. Then draw a line horizontal twice across the cauldron. Finish the procedure with a pinch out and a shake your device.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs