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Bassassin Fortnite Challenge: How Much is the Pack?

Fortnite Fishstick Bassassin Skin
Fortnite Fishstick Bassassin Skin | Image courtesy of Epic Games

Bassassin Fortnite challenge pack is live allowing players to buy some cosmetics for a fixed price. With Fortnite featuring agents this season, a lot of skins are receiving new variants.

Each skin dawns an agent like set up, and one of the newest ones is for the lovable Fishstick.

New cosmetics are a common and constant theme in Fortnite for players to purchase in the Item Shop. The goldfish is now dawning an agent themed outfit, and here is everything to know about it.

Bassassin Fortnite Challenge: How Much is the Pack?

The skin will be available from Thursday, March 26 to April 30 in a pack that will cost $9.99. Included in the bundle is the Contract Giller skin, the Dorsal Destroyer Back Bling and 1,000 V-Bucks to be earned through daily challenges.

Head to the item shop and you will find the pack for purchase. The Contract Giller skin will come with two outfits, each with Fishstick dawned in a black tuxedo, one with glasses and one without.

Go ahead and try out the new version of Fishstick.