Battle Academia Skins Likely for League of Legends Patch 9.10

Battle Academia skins were added to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment on Tuesday for six champions in the League of Legends Patch 9.10 title, including the newest champion coming to the game.

Known as the Magical Cat, Yuumi headlines the PBE cycle alongside new Battle Academia skins for Ezreal, Jayce, Katarina, Lux, Graves. Yuumi's skin, Battle Principal, completes the new skin line apparently based off of anime My Hero Academia.

Here's everything you need to know about the next and newest skin line in League of Legends.

League of Legends Champion Yuumi Likely for League of Legends Patch 9.10

Here are splash arts for each new Battle Academia themed skin added to League of Legends:

Battle Principal Yuumi


Battle Academia Ezreal


Battle Academia Lux


Battle Academia Jayce


Battle Academia Katarina


Battle Professor Graves


Battle Principal is the first skin for Yuumi ahead of her release. There is a Prestige version of the Battle Academia Lux skin which will be a sought after item for collectors and Lux players.

Chromas for four skins were added this cycle for Battle Academia Jayce and Katarina, Battle Professor Graves and Battle Principal Yuumi. Additionally, there are summoner icons for each new skin. There are two wards too, the Durandal and Desk wards.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games