Battle Boss Bel'Veth Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Photo by Riot Games

Battle Boss Bel'Veth was revealed as the release skin for League of Legends' newest champion alongside the Empress of the Void's abilities.

Arcade/Battle Boss skins are some of the most popular in League of Legends. The Arcade skin line features popular carries such as Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Ahri and Riven. The skin line leveled up, pun intended, when the Battle Boss skins released giving the Arcade skin line counterparts. Skins like Final Boss Veigar, Battle Boss Blitzcrank, Brand and Yasuo remain ever popular to this day. As Battle Boss Bel'Veth will be the first skin released for the new champion, it's safe to say more Arcade skins are on the way.

Here's everything you need to know about Battle Boss Bel'Veth.

Battle Boss Bel'Veth Skin Splash Art

Photo by Riot Games

Battle Boss Bel'Veth is one of the bets looking splash arts in the game. The image features a large and harrowing Bel'Veth in Battle Boss themes looking down on Arcade Ezreal, Riven and Sona. Bel'Veth looks like that big, bad enemy boss in an RPG that you're worrying how to defeat. The giant health bar on the bottom of the screen is a fantastic touch as well.

Battle Boss Bel'Veth Price

A price hasn't been confirmed yet, but fans can expect this skin to cost 1,350 RP on release. Every other Battle Boss skin, with the exception of Final Boss Veigar, is 1,350 RP in the store. The exception is 1,820 RP.

Battle Boss Bel'Veth Release Date

Battle Boss Bel'Veth will be released, alongside Bel'Veth, in League of Legends Patch 12.11. Fans will be able to purchase the skin as soon as the champion goes live.

How to Get Battle Boss Bel'Veth in League of Legends

Once the skin is released, the only surefire way to get the skin is by purchasing it with RP in the store. Players can also try their luck with skin orbs, shards and more in the Loot tab, but those methods aren't guaranteed. Keep in mind, if you do get the skin shard, you must have the champion unlocked to activate the shard.