Battlecast Nasus Skin: Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

The Battlecast Nasus casts the champion as a robotic version of himself.
The Battlecast Nasus casts the champion as a robotic version of himself. / Photo by Riot Games

The Battlecast Nasus skin is one of two new skins to enter the Battlecast line, alongside a skin for Zac. Here's everything you need to know about the skin.

Battlecast Nasus Skin

The Battlecast Nasus skin transforms the Egyptian-style dog god-warrior into a bulked-up robot, spewing flames from an internal engine and wielding a massive, fire-spitting axe. It also brings new animations for each of the League of Legends champion's abilities, filtering them through a fiery orange and steel-grey aesthetic.

Battlecast Nasus Splash Art

Battlecast Nasus splash art.
Battlecast Nasus splash art. / Photo by Riot Games

Battlecast Nasus' splash art shows the champion's completely robotic new look. He has a dog skull painted on one shoulder, twin exhaust pipes blowing flames on his back, and a huge axe in his right hand.

Battlecast Nasus Price

Riot Games has yet to announce pricing for Battlecast Nasus.

Battlecast Nasus Release Date

Battlecast Nasus hit the Public Beta Environment on Tuesday, Oct. 27. The skin itself will likely be released during Patch 10.13, scheduled to kick off Nov. 11. No official date has yet been announced.

How to Get Battlecast Nasus

To get Battlecast Nasus, players will need to log onto the PBE. The skin is not yet available in the live League of Legends client.