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Battlefield 2042 Ballistic Shield Re-Enabled

Battlefield 2042's Ballist Shield bug has been fixed.
Battlefield 2042's Ballist Shield bug has been fixed. / Photo courtesy of DICE/EA

Battlefield 2042's Ballistic Shield has been re-enabled now that developer DICE has fixed a bug that made players who used the shield invulnerable.

"We have completed our work on Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield and re-enabled this in his loadout," wrote the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account. "This is live in game right now, and will take effect across all new servers."

Battlefield 2042 Ballistic Shield Re-Enabled

The bug in question made it so that players who equipped it would no longer take damage from any direction, rather than just being protected by the shield in front of them.

The fix took five days to be applied after DICE disabled the weapon Nov. 11 to begin investigating. It kept players updated on progress toward a fix via the Known Issues page on the Battlefield forums, which it appears committed to using moving forward.

Battlefield 2042 has had a particularly rocky pre-launch — the game doesn't actually reach full launch until Friday, Nov. 19, but players who pre-ordered special editions have had access for more than a week now. Players have reported plenty of bugs in the early access build, including one that is said to completely crash Xbox Series X|S consoles, requiring a restart. DICE is working on fixes for several of these bugs.