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Battlefield 2042 Black Friday Deals

Photo courtesy of EA

As Black Friday approaches, EA is dropping Battlefield 2042 on Nov. 19, unfortunately leaving players with no updates on Black Friday deals.

Even though there are no current updates on Black Friday deals for Battlefield 2042, fans can still purchase the game at several retail locations. Battlefield 2042 is currently available for pre-order on their website for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target also have Battlefield 2042 available for pre-order on their websites for similar prices as Origin and Steam.

Battlefield 2042 Black Friday Deals

Battlefield 2042 pre-orders are currently being sold on PC for $59.99+, and on Xbox and PlayStation for $69.99+. Currently, Amazon, Target and Best Buy are selling the game for the same price, while purchasing the game through Walmart will save you a few cents.

Players who are EA Play and EA Play Pro Members, plus Gold and Ultimate Edition owners of Battlefield 2042 have been given early access and other special perks including limited cosmetics, charms and player backgrounds.

With Battlefield 2042 about to drop, EA has also recently released the third season of their dodgeball brawl game: Knockout City, which was recently nominated for Best Multiplayer Game. EA announced on Twitter for fans of the game to keep a look out for discounted items at the in-game shop.