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Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Not Working: How to Fix the Error Code

Photo courtesy of EA

Battlefield 2042 has finally been released but players have been running into many bugs and errors, including a Breakthrough not working error. Here's how to fix it.

After the release of Battlefield 2042 on Nov. 19, many excited players ran into problems and errors throughout the game. EA was made aware of these problems and has been updating and working to fix these errors.

In Battlefield 2042's Breakthrough game mode, the game contains attackers and defenders. Players are split into two teams. The attackers try to push their frontlines forward, while the defenders must fight to defend their area. During this game mode, players have run into similar reoccurring problems.

Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Not Working: How to Fix the Error Code

There are currently only two ways to temporarily fix the errors. Most of the errors that players are running into are on the game developer's side rather than the player's side.

Players have reported that they are unable to even open the game mode while others will get stuck on the loading screen when teams are switching sides. There has also been an error in-game where matches do not end correctly, such as never-ending climactic music and HUD bugs even after a game is over.

For now, as EA Dice continues to work on updates and bug and error fixes, there are three solutions that have helped several players:

  • Restart the game
  • Disconnect and reconnect to the network
  • Turn crossplay on and off and try again

As Battlefield 2042 waits for bug and error fixes, EA Dice has been continuously updating and fixing errors and glitches after the launch of the new game.