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Battlefield 2042 Closed Alpha: How to Sign-Up

Alpha testing begins in July
Alpha testing begins in July / Photo by DICE

The Battlefield 2042 trailer was revealed on Wednesday, June 9 with the official gameplay trailer being showcased at E3 on June 13. Die-hard and non-die-hard fans of the franchise alike have been chomping at the bits to get their hands on the franchise’s new installation, and an Alpha is a good way to start. Here’s how to sign-up to the Battlefield 2042 Closed Alpha.

There will be both an Alpha and a Beta for the game, but the Alpha isn’t an Alpha, at least not in the traditional sense. 

Battlefield 2042 Closed Alpha: How to Sign-Up

The Battlefield 2042 Alpha takes place in July. Battlefield’s “veteran players” will receive email invitations from DICE to take part in a tightly closed test with a barebones, grey box build of the game. A grey box testing environment is where testers possess limited knowledge of what to expect. The same can be said for the actions they will or will not do. 

At the moment, there is no way to sign up for the Battlefield 2042 Alpha, longtime players of the game can only hope to receive an invitation in their inbox. 

With no Campaign or Battle Royale mode in sight, one can only assume that players will be allowed to test the game’s new weather mechanics at least in the Beta.