Battlefield 2042 Error Code 2002g: How to Fix

Photo courtesy of DICE

Anyone who pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 can now jump into the newest installment. Everybody else who didn’t pre-order the game will have to wait until its full release, Friday, Nov. 19, to play it.

Like any newly released game, Battlefield 2042 is not immune to its share of bugs and errors as players dive into the game. One error code, in particular, error code 2002g, has persisted and inhibited players from jumping into lobbies. Here’s how to fix the pesky error:

Battlefield 2042 Error Code 2002g: How to Fix

While no official fix is currently available, players have already discovered a couple of different methods to alleviate the issue.

The first way players can troubleshoot the error code is through the classic method of restarting Battlefield 2042 and restarting their router. Error code 2002g is a connectivity issue, so it stands to reason that this method could work. 

Though, if this fails to fix players’ problems then they can try disabling crossplay. Disabling crossplay has been known to reduce overall connection issues across many other games, so there’s a chance it will work for Battlefield 2042 players as well.

The last potential solution for players is to launch Battlefield 2042 directly through Origin. When players launch the game through Steam or EA, the game still ends up opening through Origin. Though using Origin directly shouldn’t necessarily change anything, player reports have emerged saying that launching with Origin remedied the error.

If these methods don’t work, then players will merely have to wait until official fix is released. The developers has already acknowledged the error and community manager EA_Atic took to the  to report that developers are working to remedy the problem. The official Battlefield Communication twitter also reported they are working on a solution to error code 2002g.

Until an official fix comes out players will have to hope one of these potential solutions works for them or wait for DICE to resolve the problem.