Battlefield 2042 Gets Voice Chat Five Months After Launch

Image courtesy of DICE/EA

Battlefield 2042's latest patch finally adds voice chat to the game, despite launching back in November 2021.

After a problematic launch and a rocky first few months, Battlefield 2042 is starting to look a little bit better. Yesterday, DICE rolled out the hefty 4.0 update for Battlefield, adding in a number of fixes and features to improve the overall experience of the game.

One of the main additions is that of voice chat, which was not available through the game at launch back in November last year. But it you think this means you can finally chat to everyone and anyone in Battlefield 2042, then sadly you might still be a little disappointed.

As it stands, voice chat is currently limited to Squads and Party chats. The official DICE blog post details the following:

"There are two voice chat channels to choose between: Party and Squad. Settings for VoIP can be adjusted via Options > Sound/Voice > Chat while in-game."

Given that Battlefield 2042 launched as an online mulitplayer only, sans campaign, it's easy to understand why voice chat has been a highly requested adddition. While the current addition might not be perfect, it certainly goes a long way to improving a game that so many players felt was lacking at launch.

Other improvements that have been added as part of the 4.0 update include a weapon attachment overhaul, simplified keybinds for chat and voice chat, progression improvements, and more.

Players can check out the full list of patch notes here.