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Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Dates: When Are They?

Photo by EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042 open beta dates are on the minds of many after Electronic Arts and DICE revealed the next entry in the first-person shooter title.

The Battlefield franchise moved away from modern combat over the past couple of years with Battlefield 1 and V. The titles took place during World War I and II respectively. Call of Duty, a main competitor and rival to the franchise, also recently featured a WWII period title, but has since moved back to modern combat and most recently a title set during the Cold War. Fans are excited for a return to form for Battlefield after the success of Battlefield 4.

An open beta and an initial tech test are on the way for those wanting to try the game out before buying it.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Dates: When Are They?

DICE will hold a limited playlist for Battlefield 2042 between Aug. 12 and 15. The playtest will include five 3-hour sessions, plus a sixth, 9-hour session. The test will include cross-play between PC and consoles, and invites have already been emailed to the players chosen to participate.

EA stressed that the tests shouldn't be thought of as a beta or demo. Participants must sign a strict nondisclosure agreement preventing them from recording or sharing footage of the event.

A more extensive open beta is likely still in the cards.

"Yes, in the months leading up to launch, we will host an Open Beta available to all players across all platforms. If you pre-order any of the editions of Battlefield 2042, you will get early access to the Open Beta," EA said on its website. Dates for that open beta have yet to be released.