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Battlefield 6 Teaser Suggests Kazakhstan Setting

A teaser for Battlefield 6 may have revealed the game's setting.
A teaser for Battlefield 6 may have revealed the game's setting. / Photo courtesy of DICE/EA

Battlefield 6 may take place in Kazakhstan, according to some internet sleuthing fans performed around a teaser for the game.

Battlefield YouTuber DANNYonPC found the teaser on the nose of a 3D-rendered character model Electronic Arts showed during the Battlefield tech demo at EA Play 2020, per GameSpot. (He has since deleted the Reddit post explaining his discovery.) The teaser was also found on the medallion of a special Battlefield 5 outfit that can only be unlocked by completing a secret challenge.

DANNYonPC found that the numbers shown in these two locations corresponded to GPS coordinates in Kazakhstan. The Battlefield series has never explored Kazakhstan, and the country remains largely unexplored territory for video games despite a population of around 18 million people, qualifying it as one of the 10 biggest countries in the world.

EA and development studio DICE have revealed little about Battlefield 6. The two plan to reveal the game officially in the spring, and studio Criterion Games was moved to assist on Battlefield 6 earlier this year after the Need for Speed game it had been working on was delayed to 2022.