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Beach Assault Fortnite LTM Goes Live

Beaach Assault Fortnite is a Limited Time Mode that is live now.

A Fortnite Content Creator by the name of Prudiz has won a LTM Contest with their Beach Assault game mode, and the prize is their creation being in the game.

Beach Assault Fortnite

Epic Games hosted an LTM Creator Contest where Fortnite content creators could submit their own game modes based on certain criteria. Epic Games wanted creators to submit game modes that featured unique custom maps with pleasing aesthetics, interesting gameplay mechanics, as well as being suitable for 16 players.

Over a window of 18 days, there were over 5,500 submissions that featured a variety of different concepts and themes. The winner was Prudiz's submission called Beach Assault. The game appears to be team based, with one team attacking a base and the other team defending. The game appears as if it is inspired by the historical events of World War II, such as D-Day.

You can play Beach Assault on Fortnite right now as an LTM game mode.

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games