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Behaviour Interactive Announces Resident Evil Project W for Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil: Project W - Official Announcement Trailer
Dead by Daylight Resident Evil: Project W - Official Announcement Trailer / IGN

Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil will crossover once again with the arrival of Resident Evil: Project W.

While Dead by Daylight already had a crossover with Resident Evil, it seems the success of the previous DLC led to a second pack being greenlit.

Dead by Daylight: Project W is an upcoming DLC pack for Dead by Daylight. Resident Evil has already made its debut in the DBD universe, with the release of the killer Nemesis and survivors Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, in a previous pack. However, now there's some new content for fans of the series with Resident Evil Project W.

The trailer released shows a survivor on camera struggling to fight off a tentacle monster before being thrown against a cop car and killed. As the scene is unfolding, it's revealed the fight is being watched via CCTV. The scene ends with the name of the DLC: Dead by Daylight Project W.

While there is no concrete evidence in favor of who the survivors are going to be, fans have been heavily suggesting the often requested Ada Wong make her appearance in the game. It's up in the air of who the potential second survivor would be, though I'm personally rooting for Ashley to make a reappearance ( One of her perks could just be "LEON!").

The killer, on the other hand, is almost certainly Albert Wesker, going by the name. Project W is the in-game name for the program that created Wesker, so it's almost a guarantee.