Benjyfishy Announces Switch From Fortnite to Valorant


Popular Fortnite competitive player Benjy "benjyfishy" Fish announced June 24 that he will be making the transition from Fortnite to Valorant, ending an illustrious career in Epic Games' battle royale.

Over the course of his time in Fortnite, benjyfishy accrued a following of around 1.7 million people. He streams on YouTube as his main content platform, and supplements his live streams by uploading montages of him making high level plays, as well as videos of him playing in competitive tournaments.

In a two-minute video accompanying the announcement, benjyfishy explained that he no longer enjoys Fortnite, and finds himself having more fun playing Valorant. It is interesting to note that in his video, he specifically says that he will still be making content for NRG, but does not mention that he would be playing Valorant competitively for them.

NRG is currently in 6th place in the North American division of Valorant teams, only 50 points behind 5th place FaZe Clan and 53 points behind 4th place Cloud9. Benjyfishy has only uploaded one Valorant video so far, and though his skill is apparent it's up to NRG whether he has what it takes to play at the tournament level.

For its part, NRG has not announced plans to bring benjyfishy onto its Valorant roster.