Bergamo Calcio FIFA 22: What Club is it in the Game?

Photo by EA Sports

Bergamo Calcio FIFA 22 is a new club name in this year's iteration and fans are wondering what club it's supposed to represent.

One of the biggest announcements in the past couple of years in FIFA was that EA Sports had lost rights to some clubs in Serie A. Most notably, Juventus was no more in FIFA. Enter the now known Piemonte Calcio. Then, AS Roma was no more and fans had Roma FC. Now, there are two more clubs that have new names in FIFA 22.

One of those clubs is Bergamo Calcio. So, who exactly is Bergamo Calcio supposed to be?

Bergamo Calcio FIFA 22: What Club is it in the Game?

Bergamo Calcio is supposed to be Atalanta. Players have likely seen the club badge in FIFA Ultimate Team when packing players such as Robin Gosens, Duvan Zapata and Luis Muriel. The badge features a black shield with a white B etched into it.

EA Sports combined the reveal into a new partnership announcement with the Italian league where a Serie A Player of the Month SBC would come to Ultimate Team. This meant that EA Sports would have POTM items for each of the five major leagues. A welcomed edition considering it'll open up squad building opportunities and give players deserving of the award special items that otherwise might've not been awarded in the past.

FIFA 22 is now available.