Bergusia Forge Drones Locations in Destiny 2

Bergusia Forge Drones locations are needed to reignite the forge. After being asked relentlessly by Destiny 2 players to make the Bergusia Forge usable by everyone, Bungie has finally given players the ability to reignite it back in January.

The Bergusia Forge can be found by heading through the Niobe Labs. The area can be pretty difficult if you aren't powered up, with the region having a recommended Power Level of 640.

Bergusia Forge Drones Locations

While the quest to reignite the Bergusia Forge isn't exactly mindblowing, part of it involves finding the drones that are flying around. Destroying them is a necessary part of getting the Maximum Temper buff to get the Black Armory Key Mold which will be needed to open the Mysterious Box later on.

The two drones spawn in between the two waves of enemies that you battle before reigniting the forge. If you watch the video, you will notice that the drones are pretty small and can be hard to notice if you don't know where to look.

After taking them down, you can proceed with the mission to reignite the Bergusia Forge.

Photo Courtesy of Bungie