Best Aerith Weapon in FF7 Rebirth

Aerith Gainsborough returns to the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy as a major supporting character in Rebirth. Players cannot become Aerith at the start of the game. She doesn't become a playable character until Dawn of a New Era of Junon.

Shinra kidnaps Aerith to use her to find the "Promised Land" of the Cetra legend since she can "hear the planet." After Cloud saves her, she leaves Midgar and agrees to help take down the evil corporation and Sephiroth. Players would like to know which weapon is best for the flower seller.

Best Aerith Weapon in FF7 Rebirth

Aerith is the party's mage. She uses magic to battle enemies and heal everyone. Staffs are her primary weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but the Wizard Rod is the best weapon. It's described as "a magical once wielded by a formidable spellcaster." The Wizard Rod is a lifesaver since it can block an enemy's attack, though it's only available during the Split Up Main Scenario in Chapter 7. Players can find more details about the weapon below.

  • Ability: Lustrous Shield: Conjure a magical shield that keeps enemies at bay and stops projectiles
  • Proficiency Bonus: Defend against an enemy’s attack (one time only while active)
  • Materia Slots: O-OO-OO
  • Location: The Wizard's Rod is in a chest to the left of a Rest Station at the foot of Mt. Corel.
  • Stats: ATK: 60, MATK: 90
  • Weapon Skills: Wind Damage Up +10%, Not-So-Fleeting Familiar (Fleeting Familiar summoned by Tempest lasts 25% longer), Enhanced Tempest (+15% Tempest damage), Max HP +200, Critical Hit Rate +5%, Critical Hit Damage +10%, MP Recovery Rate Up, Ward Shift Mastery

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