Best Amara Builds Borderlands 3

The best Amara builds Borderlands 3 can really take your gaming experience to the next level. Knowing how to handle your character is one thing, but learning how to build them so they can reach their highest potential is another. It's important to be familiar with the abilities your character can wield so you can weave them together to ultimately crush your enemies under your mystical phase-arms.

Do you want some ideas on how to turn Amara into a battle-ready siren? Here's some of the best builds for Amara in Borderlands 3.

Best Amara Builds Borderlands 3

1. Brawl Build

Here's a build that is the epitome of "get in there and punch everything." If you like melee damage, you're in for a treat, because this build focuses on the Brawl line. Phaseslam is your main action skill. You'll also want to prioritize Helping Hands, Find Your Center, and Blitz. The biggest skill you'll need here, however, is Guardian Angel. Getting up-close and personal with enemies means you have the chance to take on quite some damage. Guardian Angel will make sure you don't stay down for long. Take Anima and Illuminated Fist from Fist of the Elements line and then Do Harm, Restless, and Ascendant from Mystical Assault to really flesh out the build. As for items, look for melee building bonuses and damage modifiers. Those will be your best friends.

Build courtesy of Forbes' Paul Tassi.

2. Fist of the Elements Build

This build focuses on the Fist of the Elements tree and using Phasegrasp for some intense crowd control. For this build, you'll want to abandon the Brawl tree completely. The perks you want for this build are Infusion, Tempest, Soulfire, Indiscriminate and Ties That Bind. Essentially, the idea is to decimate the most powerful enemy on the field while doing area damage to those around them. The next step should be building the damage you can actually do to your opponents. Focus on skills like Transcend and Wrath in the Mystical Assault tree to work your way to the Stillness of Mind augment. Unlocking this will greatly increase your crowd control potential and make you a solid asset to your team. Pair this build with your favorite high-damage gun and you're all set.

Build courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun's Ollie Toms.

3. Mystical Assault Build

This build focuses a bit more on the Mystical Assault tree. It's made to be more versatile and allowing for a solo type of gameplay rather than needing teamwork. The skills you want to prioritize here are Do Harm, Transcend, Deliverance, Ascendant and Avatar. Other important skills would be Laid Bare, Restless, and Violent Tapestry. From the Brawl tree, take Root to Rise, Personal Space, and Samsara. You'll also want Anima, Tempest and Wildfire. Feel free to switch around skills to each situation as you see fit, but this base should be enough for you to address whatever mayhem the Borderlands will throw at you next.

Build courtesy of Pro Games Guide's Evident.

Images courtesy of Gearbox Software