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Best AMP63 Weapon Loadout for Warzone Season 4

Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty

The best AMP63 loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone is here and it is sure to survive in the current meta.

The AMP63 was added into Warzone just over a year ago, and this pistol is a weapon to be reckoned with. The fully automatic machine pistol holds an advantage over the sub-machine weapons, the ability to be used with ghost.

Best AMP63 Weapon Loadout for Warzone Season 4

Best AMP63 Weapon Loadout in Season 4 of Warzone
Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty Fandom

Barrel - 7.2" Task Force
Muzzle - Sound Suppressor
Ammunition - STANAG 25 Round
Laser - Tiger Team Spotlight or SOF Target Designator
Rear Grip - Serpent Wrap

The 7.2" Task Force barrel provides the weapon with increased damage range and bullet velocity.

On the muzzle, the Sound Suppressor is great for the player. Compared to the other suppressors, the Sound Suppressor provides better mobility and bullet velocity.

The STANAG 25 round gives the weapon an increased magazine capacity at the loss of aim down sight speed and reload speed. But that is alright, with the pairing of either the Tiger Team Spotlight or the SOF Target Designator, the weapon's hip-fire accuracy at close range is greatly improved.

Lastly, the Serpent Wrap provides the weapon with a big increase in its aim down sight time but decreases the sprint to fire time.