Best Armor Sets in Tears of the Kingdom 

Man, I could use that Glide Armor Set right now.
Man, I could use that Glide Armor Set right now. / Nintendo

It's challenging to figure out which armor sets are worth looking for in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

There are several factors to consider when thinking about which sets are best. Playstyle, in particular, is one of them. Some prefer offense to defense, so armor sets that grant increased attack power are best for those. On the contrary, players that prefer increased protection should go for armor sets best suited for that. 

One should also consider the situation. For example, if you're exploring The Depths, gloom-resistant armor will come in handy. There's no way to figure out which single armor set trumps all, but here's a list of eight that are extremely useful. 

Here are the Best Armor Sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 

Zonaite Armor

Zonaite Armor reduces the charge needed to power Zonaite Devices. In short, your Energy Cells last longer with each piece you have on. If you equip the entire set and all armor pieces are at least two stars, you'll get an Energy Recharge bonus. This perk recovers your Energy Cell faster. The set consists of a helm, a waist guard, and shin guards. If you use Zonaite material often, you'll want to look out for these pieces.

Climbing Armor

You can ascend through solid surfaces in Tears of the Kingdom, but that doesn't mean you won't need to climb. That's why the Climbing Armor is one of my favorite sets. As you equip more pieces, Link's climbing speed will increase. The Climbing Jump Stamina Set bonus will unlock once you
collect the bandana, boots, and gear and upgrade all to two stars. Then, you'll get to use less stamina when jumping alongside cliffs. You can also mix Climbing Armor with Weather Resistant Armor while traversing steep places in extreme climates.   

Fierce Deity Armor 

Although it looks intimidating, the Fierce Deity Armor earned a spot on many best-armor lists. The complete set has a mask, armor, and boots. There's also a sword, but you must have the set before getting it. Link gains an Attack Up increase with each equipped piece of armor. After putting on the entire armor set, Link earns a Charge Attack Stamina Up. That means Link can use less stamina for his charged attacks, making it especially useful to those who like to use them.

Froggy Armor  

It's annoying to slip while climbing wet walls. If you think the same, I suggest looking for the Froggy Armor set. It offers slip resistance so that climbing will be easier in rainy weather. The effects will increase if you have two pieces of this armor on. The complete set has a hood, a sleeve, and leggings. If you find all three parts and increase each item to two stars, you'll get the Slip Proof bonus. In this case, you won't slip on wet surfaces at all. This set is also suitable for climbing damp cave walls.

The Depths Armor

Gloom is a substance, usually found in The Depths, that slowly drains life once touched. As a result, The Depths Set is great for exploring the mysterious area underground. A hood, tunic, and gaiters make up the full suit. With two items equipped, you'll be resistant to the gloom that's on surfaces. Gloom Attack Resist activates once you put on all pieces. Then, you'll be resistant toward Gloom enemies. 

Glide Armor

I can't tell you how many times I fell to my death in Tears of the Kingdom. Sometimes, I overestimated how long my stamina would last. Other times, it was hard to gauge how close I was to the ground. Once I upgraded the complete Glide Armor Set to level two, fall damage became a thing of the past. The shirt, tights, and mask are useful even when not equipped simultaneously. Two pieces make it easier to control Link while he's skydiving. Surprise attacking enemies just got more fun!

Phantom Armor

With a base defense of 24, the Phantom Set rightfully earned a spot on the list. The set even grants an attack boost. It's made of a helmet, armor, and greaves. You can't upgrade the Phantom Armor — that would make it too powerful — but it's great for those who want a lot of defense without hunting for materials to upgrade armor.