Best Borderlands 3 Character: How to Choose

Borderlands 3 has a wide array of colorful characters to pick and choose from. When it comes down to finding a favorite, it can be pretty difficult to settle on just one and let the others fall to the wayside. Whether its play style, personality, or lore you're after, there's no doubt a character exists in Gearbox's prolific franchise to suit you just fine.

Here's our pick for best Borderlands 3 character.

Best Borderlands 3 Character

Hands down, the top choice is Fl4k. Who doesn't want to spend their days as an eclectic death-obsessed mercenary with a pack of mutant doggos? Not only does Fl4k have an incredible amount of potential lore-wise, their kit is something most players dream of. Having someone else to the more difficult work for you while still getting the credit is the biggest part of the fun. With their ever-loving band of pets, you'll never be lonely and will always have a trustworthy team to call for back-up in a hairy situation. What kind of animal lover can say no to this face?

What a good boy!
What a good boy! /

Moze is a solid second choice. She's scrappy and ready to brawl with a hidden bout of intelligence you wouldn't expect from someone who's abilities are mostly point and explode. You can tell something is a bit broken just beneath the surface. She'll laugh during combat and when the player puts down the controller, Moze gets impatient and recites drills from her time as part of the military. You'll notice she holds on to a lot of keepsakes from her past. Her behavior just doesn't fit with the facade she has on the surface. Additionally, if you're looking for a character to crash right into the middle of a fight—look no further.

Zane is a lot like your family's strange uncle if said uncle actually did half the things he said he used to do. Charming, clever, and packing a punch, Zane is definitely the more entertaining choice of this group. He's supposedly married in several star systems and has a knack for spitting out fun witticisms. The biggest reason he's third is because of his abilities. This is the Borderlands, not 007's martini lounge. The special agent stuff is cool, but will really only get you so far by yourself.

Amara ranks last on this list solely because she isn't that interesting. Sure, her abilities make her a fun to play character, and apparently she has some sort of legacy as a hero for justice, but she's not exactly anything new in the world of Borderlands. Her motivations are fame-based and her Siren abilities are handy. Unfortunately, that's all we can really say about her.

Images courtesy of Gearbox Software.