Best Camera Settings for Rocket League Explained

Best Camera Settings for Rocket League
Best Camera Settings for Rocket League / Photo Courtesy of Psyonix

The best camera setting for Rocket League are really up to player preference. However, amongst most professional players, there's a general consensus around specific settings. Changing your camera settings allows you to see more of the field. That in turn allows you to make smarter decisions during the game. If you're looking to change your camera settings, here are some of the best camera adjustments to make.

First, the field of view is arguably the most important option to change. The default camera settings have the field of view set very small, so that objects appear at normal size. Most professionals, however, keep the field of view around 110, which is the maximum. Your peripheral view may be warped due to the maximum field of view. However, it's easier to see what's happening on the field around you.

The next option to change is distance. Distance changes how close your camera is to your car. Again, the default settings are far too close for comfort. Most professionals have their distance set to about 270. Distance varies a little between players, but most players don't move their distance settings far from the 270 mark.

Height and Angle are the next two settings to change. Height changes how raised your camera is. While angle tells you what angle your camera is pointed at. Most professionals have a camera height of about 110, and their angle at about -3.00.

Stiffness and Swivel are the camera setting that varies the most among top players. Stiffness changes how attached the camera is to your car. Does the car always stay at the center of the screen? Or will something like a power slide move the car off-center for a moment? On the other hand, swivel adjusts how quickly players can manually turn their camera. These are more player-centric adjustments that may require a little experimentation to figure out. A quick way to figure out what works is to start with an extreme. Try using 0 stiffness and 10 swivel first, and then see how close those settings are to what you want.

The last and most important camera setting to change is camera shake. With camera shake enabled, the camera will shake any time your car collides with an object. This means that every time you touch the ball, your screen shakes, which makes the game very disorienting. Every professional player has screen shake disabled.