Call of Duty

Best Carv .2 Warzone Loadout

Call of Duty Cold War Weapon: Carv .2
Call of Duty Cold War Weapon: Carv .2 / Courtesy of Activision

Figuring out the best Carv .2 Warzone loadout has every player in a frenzy right now. This gun is a real game-changer and it won't be long before you'll be seeing almost everyone on Verdansk 84' equipped with it in their loadouts. Here's what we believe is the most optimal loadout for you to get everything you want out of Call of Duty's latest weapon addition.

Best Carv .2 Warzone Loadout

The Carv .2 like most weapon tactical rifles is a beast from afar and mid range if you're looking to have this ready for your next loadout drop here's what you want equipped to your gun:


- Agency Silencer
- 22.3 Cavalry Lancer
- Axial Arms 3x
- Field Agent Foregrip
- 45 Rnd Speed Mag

This loadout gives the perfect balance between bullet velocity and damage while reducing recoil. Players will fear you in your next game of Warzone but, it's important to be careful because it's likely that right now your opponent will be running the same thing.