Best Champions in League of Legends Wild Rift 2.3

Promo art of Ashe for League of Legends: Wild Rift
Promo art of Ashe for League of Legends: Wild Rift / Riot Games

What are the best champions in League of Legends Wild Rift 2.3? The most recent patch of Wild Rift, patch 2.3, has hit servers, creating some changes in the top picks.

Best Champions in League of Legends Wild Rift 2.3


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Frosted Ezreal skin / Riot Games

Ezreal has been dominating bot lane for sure, but the power and safety of this pick can justify you bringing it into the mid lane, too. His scaling as an ADC can really only be matched by Kai'Sa or Jinx, two other very prominent ADCs as of late. Where Ezreal shines is the sheer output of damage you can put out, all while staying safe and having a reliable escape with your Arcane Shift. While you may need a nice chunk of games to really feel out how to position properly and hit your spells, Ezreal is without a doubt one of the best champions to play on Wild Rift 2.3.


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Blood Moon Diana skin / Riot Games

While not the absolute best pick in the mid lane, when weighing difficulty of execution, Diana becomes a more desirable pick. While champions like Akali, Katarina, and Irelia are no doubt better picks than Diana, the skill ceiling is far greater on the three former champions than it is on Diana. Diana's simple throw your Crescent Strike onto the backline and dive in with Lunar Rush is a lot of fun, and fairly simple to get the hang of. There is still skill expression to be had on Diana, as paying attention to anything you mark with your Crescent Strike, not just champions, is super important. Throwing your Crescent Strike on some minions or jungle monsters to close the gap between a priority target ensuring you have Lunar Strike up again is important to learn. You can take Diana in the mid lane or jungle.


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Jade Dragon Wukong skin / Riot Games

Ever since the 200 years backlash, Riot's efforts to rework Wukong has turned one of League's most classic champs into an absolute pub-stomper. Wukong's ability to dive into a team fight, keep the enemy team confused and on their toes with Warrior Trickster, and pop right back out to knock up the entire enemy team with his powerful ultimate ability, Cyclone. Just like Diana, Wukong is fairly easy to execute, sporting some tech on the champion that you can eventually learn for greater skill expression. Even without the fancy tech, Wukong can still be super effective in just about any game. You can take Wukong in the top lane, jungle, and even mid lane in certain matchups.