Best CS:GO Case to Open: Which Cases Should You Open?

Best CS:GO case to open is a tough decision to make whenever one decides to go down that route.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are some of the most popular microtranscations in all of gaming. When they were first released, fans couldn't wait to try and open 10 or so cases to get a skin they wanted. It took CS:GO to the next level with players trying to get the best collection of skins possible.

Over the years, there have been multiple cases released with a magnitude of different skins and weapon offerings in each case.

Best CS:GO Case to Open: Which Cases Should You Open?

There isn't truly a "best case" to open in CS:GO. It's all preference and your decision if you want to take the risk.

If you want to try and get a specific skin, make sure to check which case has that skin as an offering because all cases are different. Some of the most popular cases, however, are the Winter Offensive, Operation Breakout, Gamma, Chroma and new CS20 cases.

Cases are earned via playing CS:GO and random drops at the end of games or by purchasing them on the market. Keys, at a $2.49 price point, are required to open cases.

Photo courtesy of Valve