Best CS:GO Skins in Operation Shattered Web

The best CS:GO skins in Operation Shattered Web are exciting for fans because the newest operation in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has plenty to offer in terms of new and exciting gameplay. Shattered Web revolves around specific agents that you play as in order to stop the terrorists or counter terrorists. Here are five of the best agents playable in the new game mode.

Best CS:GO Skins in Operation Shattered Web

1. Operator-FBI SWAT- Although simple, the FBI SWAT skin is a pretty fresh skin for anyone looking to rock a more military style skin. Closer in line to other counter terrorist skins, the FBI SWAT skin sports a nice FBI branded FLC.

2. The 'Doctor' Romanov- The Doctor is definitely one of the more eccentric characters of shattered web. A rumored terrorist who supposedly destroyed several United Nations power facilities, Doctor Romanov has no problem dressing nice to kill, as he rocks a cardigan and tie under his tactical jacket.

3. Rezan the Ready- Rezan is a great pick for anyone looking to hone their sniper skills, as the Head of Operations of Sabre prefers to pick off enemies from a distance.

4. B Squadron Officer SAS- The B Squadron Officer is definitely a fierce looking combatant, ready for anything with his tactical FLC and gas mask.

5.Seal Team 6 Soldier- The flavor text "I'm just happy to be here" is definitely an understatement for the Seal Team 6 Soldier. Any arsenal from a Navy SEAL will not disappoint.

Image Courtesy of Valve