Best Dragonflight Herbalism Specialization


Want to get the most out of your Herbalism specialization in Dragonflight? Here's what you need to know.

With the recent release of World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Dragonflight, players new and old have plenty of content and features to get to grips with. This expansion sees the addition of new Race/Class combination — dracthyr Evoker. Also added to the expansion is the brand new Dragonriding skill, used only with the new, customizable Drakes.

Herbalism has always been a useful profession to take on. Alchemists in particular rely on Herbalists for potions, reagents and more. Inscription also requires Herbalism to create the majority of their items. But to pick up herbs on the Dragon Isles, players must have the Dragonflight Herbalism skill, so be sure to visit a Herbalism trainer on your visit to the Dragon Isles.

Which is the Best Dragonflight Herbalism Specialization?

There are three Specialization trees for Herbalism in Dragonflight:

  • Bountiful Harvests
  • Botany
  • Mastering the Elements

Bountiful Harvests gives you extra skill when picking herbs. Additionally, you can upgrade the quality of your herbs to maximum quality. You can learn Horticulture, Arboriculture, Fungiculture, and Floriculture. These improves your Skill, Deftness, Perception, and Finesse when picking Hochenblume, Writhebark, Bubble Poppy, and Saxifrage respectively.

Botany improves your ability to pick all herbs, which in turn improves their quality and quantity. With max Botany, you can also harvest herbs while mounted in the Dragon Isles. You can choose Conversance, which improves your use of your Herbalism tools. You can also choose Cultivation, which allows you to gather more, and different, improved seeds from herbs.

Mastering the Elements gives +1 Skill per point when picking Elemental herbs. You can also choose Overload Elemental Herb, which allows you to Overload any of the five Elemental herbs: Overload Decayed Herb, Overload Frigid Herb, Overload Infurious Herb, Overload Titan-Touched Herb and Overload Windswept Herb. It also improves skill by picking these herbs, allowing you to extract more Rousing elements from them.

All three of the specializations have their perks and uses, making it hard to decide definitively which one is the best. Essentially, it all comes down to what you'll get the most use out of. Botany and its ability to pick herbs while mounted undoubtedly creates ease, but you'll need to spend 40 Knowledge points to get the ability. For that alone, the specialization stands out amongst the others.