Best Dragonflight Mining Specialization


Want to get the most out of your Mining specialization in Dragonflight? Here's what you need to know.

With the recent release of World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Dragonflight, players new and old have plenty of content and features to get to grips with. This expansion sees the addition of new Race/Class combination — dracthyr Evoker. Also added to the expansion is the brand new Dragonriding skill, used only with the new, customizable Drakes.

Mining is a key profession for those who partake in Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting, as each require the use of the raw materials that only Mining can provide. It's a useful, and popular, profession and certainly has its uses in Dragonflight. You'll need to learn Dragonflight Mining tif you want to take advantage of the deposits on the Dragon Isles, so be sure to pick it up on your journey.

Which is the Best Dragonflight Mining Specialization?

There are three Mining Specializations on the Dragon Isles:

  • Mining Process
  • Metallurgy
  • Mastering the Elements

Mining Process allows you to extract more base ore, find more rare side gathers and increase your mining speed. It has three sub-trees: Surveying, Sorting and Industrialization. Additionally, after spending 35 Knowledge Points, you'll earn the ability to mine whilst mounted.

Metallurgy allows you to upgrade Serevite Ore, Draconium Ore, and Khaz'gorite Orefrom Quality 1 through Quality 3. As you work through the sub-trees, you'll pick up bonuses along the way for +Skill, +Finesse, and +Perception.

Mastering the Elements maximizes your ability to collect Rousing Essences, such as Rousing Earth, Rousing Fire, and Rousing Order and Rousing Ire in War Mode. You'll also gain the ability Overload Elemental Deposit, which can be used on the five Elemental modifiers — Hardened, Infurious, Molten, Primal, and Titan-Touched. The first time you Overload an Elemental deposit, you receive +1 Knowledge for each of the five Elemental types for a total of +5 Knowledge.

All three of the specializations have their perks and uses, making it hard to decide definitively which one is the best. Essentially, it all comes down to what you'll get the most use out of. Mining Process and its ability to mine while mounted undoubtedly creates ease. For that alone, the specialization stands out amongst the others.