Best Fall Guys Player: Who is it?

Best Fall Guys Player could be Twitch's very own DrLupo
Best Fall Guys Player could be Twitch's very own DrLupo / Mediatonic

The best Fall Guys player may just be popular streamer Benjamin "Dr. Lupo" Lupo.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may just be one of the most popular battle royale titles of the year. Hot off the heels of a comically profitable launch and implementation of a new anti-cheating software, Mediatonic's newest title is poised to be a fan-favorite for the remainder of 2020.

So, who is the best Fall Guys player? Early last month, August 2020, the game's official Twitter account set about finding a player suitable for that title: the Fallen One.

Best Fall Guys Player: Who is it?

The quest was simple. Mediatonic placed a special, unique costume in the inventory of the one player who fit the mantle of the "Fallen One." All Fall Guys fans had to do was check their in-game pockets and see if the costume was there or not.

Not long after the campaign began, one player came forward and was crowned the "statistically best" player in the entire base. DrLupo posted a tweet on Aug. 21, 2020, showing off the exclusive costume awarded to him for his skill in the game.

The skin was reminiscent of the characters from Valve's popular series, Portal. It was named P-Body. DrLupo is the only person in the whole of Fall Guys to have this costume, forever marking him as the Fallen One.