Best Female Slayer Build Dungeon Fighter Online

"Everything that my sword reaches, will become my fate."
"Everything that my sword reaches, will become my fate." / Image courtesy of Neople

Now that Dungeon Fighter Online Season 7 Act 1 has just arrived, bringing with it the 110lv Expansion to the free-to-play, beat-em-up 2D online action MMORPG, it's perhaps no surprise that many are looking for the best Female Slayer build in the game.

In Dungeon Fighter Online, which is one of the most played and highest-grossing video games of all time since its initial release in Korea in August 2005, there are 16 classes for players to choose from. Within those classes, there are also over 60 subclass advancements to pick, further diversifying the possibilities for character builds.

As such, here's a breakdown of the best Female Slayer build in Dungeon Fighter Online.

What is the Best F. Slayer Build in DFO?

The Female Slayer is one of the beginner difficulty, pure damage dealer classes that players can choose from in DFO.

F. Slayer presents five subclasses for players to choose from once they reach level 15:

  • Sword Master
  • Dark Templar
  • Demon Slayer
  • Vagabond
  • Spectre

Of the five, Dark Templar is likely the best to try first as it's the only one that specializes in Magical damage and Shadow as an element. Dark Templar is a magical percentage class that specializes in holding, debuffing and damage dealing.

The Dark Templar's specialized weapon is the Short Sword, while her specialized armor is Plate Armor.

To get started, here are the recommended Skills players should upgrade for their Dark Templars, per PeachShade's guide:

Base F. Slayer Skills

  • Quick Rebound: Max
  • Focus: Critical: Max
  • Ancient Memory: 1 or Max (Preference)
  • Ascending Sword: 1
  • Demonic Slash: 1
  • Castigation: 1
  • Sliding Slash: 1

Dark Templar Skills

  • Hidden Blade: Auto-level
  • Usir's Curse: Auto-level
  • Shadow Lancer: Max
  • Shadow Binding: 10
  • Shadow Harvest: Max
  • Shadow Hiding: Max
  • Evolve: Max
  • Scaffold: 1
  • Soul Drain: 1
  • Liberate - Buckshot: Max
  • Shadow Clone: 1
  • Black Mirror: Max
  • Liberate - Madness: 1 or Max (Preference)
  • Congest: Max
  • Deadly Cape: 1 or Max (Preference)
  • Destroyer: Max

Finally, for early game gearing, PeachShade mentions that Dark Templar is said to have very strong chronicle sets, so keep an eye out for those while emphasizing gearing for intelligence, magical attack, shadow damage, attack speed, magical crit, and % damages. You want to make sure you are capped crit, have a smash source and have a crit smash source.