Best Fortnite Horror Maps in UEFN

These are some of the most played maps in UEFN.
These are some of the most played maps in UEFN. / Fortnite

Halloween is just around the corner, and gamers crave spooky titles. We've covered the best horror games on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass. Now, we're getting into the best Fortnite horror maps in UEFN.

Best Fortnite Horror Maps in UEFN

Below is a list of nine horror maps that are nightmare fuel. These choices are based on website data and other websites.

Maps Based on Website Data

These are the best horror maps on the platform, based on all-time peak player count and ranking in the “Popular Horror” category of UEFN over the past few days. 

Horror Map Name

Map Code

Position in the “Popular Horror” Category

All-time Peak Player Count

SCP-096 | Shy Guy



3,621 players



Went from #12 to #7 from Oct. 2 to Oct. 6

2,194 players

Rainbow Friends



3,768 players

101 Level Escape Room


Went from #11 to #10 from Oct. 5 to Oct. 6

2,030 players

Maps Based on Other Sources

These are other titles that FornFortniteite players love based on information from other websites, such as Pro Game Guides and Game Rant. We've listed the game titles along with their map codes below.

Scary Doll - 7595-1913-2803

The Backrooms - 4284-8758-1462

HOTEL - 8860-1961-7337

Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape - 7962-7507-1539

The Night At Pizzeria - 1502-5853-2604

For more scary maps in UEFN, visit Fortnite’s horror UEFN maps page. You can view a game’s player count and timeline of popularity in different categories by clicking on the title.