Best Grenade Spots Overpass in CS:GO

Photo Courtesy of Valve
Photo Courtesy of Valve

Knowing the Best grenade spots in Overpass will prove most useful for bomb plants and player movement in CS:GO. Here are the Best grenade spots for Overpass.

Best Grenade Spots for Overpass

Grenades on Overpass are used to punish players peaking Cement Bags when you Boost from Tracks. Smokes block crucial lines of sight and allow players to plant or move freely around the map. In order to get a successful plant down with enemies overhead, players should throw their smokes A Site from Short, B Site from Water or B Site from Alley. These are easy nade to smoke spots as they allow direct hits onto bomb sites. Some additional notable smokes include Monster from CT Spawn, Balcony from Water and Walkway from Water.

Overpass is a great map for Molotovs too. They counter hidden plants and allow for fast site overtakes. Players should throw Barrels from Lower Tunnel, B Site from Lower CT and Barrels from Tracks. In addition to Molotovs, players may use their Flash to blind targets. Players should use their Flash when rushing sites trying to secure a kill. Successful Flash points are Water from Squeaky, Monster from Barrels, A Long from Van, Connector from Sandbags, A Short from Restroom and Lower Tunnels from Sandbags.