Best Grenade Spots Train in CS:GO

Photo Courtesy of Valve
Photo Courtesy of Valve

Best grenade spots in Train are vital for any Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player to know if they want to have team success on one of the most popular maps in the game.

Train is a map that has been altered many times throughout its lifetime to counter all sorts of gameplay. Bomb sites were changes, textures were improved and assets were revamped to create an industrialized competitive map known for its wall bangs and tricky lines of sight.

Here are the best grenade spots for Train.

Best Grenade Spots Train

Similar to other popular CSGO maps, Train has many tactical spots that players can take advantage of. The three most popular ones are Z Connector from Dumpster, Red and Green from Dumpster and Popdog from T Start. Smokes from these positions can be used to block off Counter Terrorists rotating in from B or to smoke off an enemy AWPer looking at T main.

When used correctly, this next spot makes for an easy kill on the bomb defuser. Once the bomb is planted, the idea is to throw a grenade to B Bomb Train from Upper B. Players can also use a Molotov but a Grenade is best for a quick kill. Another Molotov spot that works well is Summit from Brown Halls when thrown after a Smoke. These spots allow for first blood picks, successful bomb plants and hopefully more team wins.