Best Held Items in Pokemon UNITE

Best Held Items in Pokemon UNITE
Best Held Items in Pokemon UNITE / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE's best held items enhance player's teams by restoring health, inflicting higher damage with special attacks, and increasing experience points. From increasing your Pokemon's speed to reviving its health bar with every attack, here's everything you need to know about the game's held items.

Pokemon UNITE's held items are designed to enhance your Pokemon's actions during a match. For example, if you're using a Pokemon known for its defense skills, you should give it a Float Stone. These stones can improve speed by 10 percent when the Pokemon is not engaging in a direct attack.

Shell Bell lets players recover at least 45 health points when it is attacked. The higher the Pokemon's special attack, the more health points it regains.

Best Held Items in Pokemon UNITE

The Rocky Helmet in the game is used for inflicting damage on opposing Pokemon once your Pokemon is hurt. It's recommended to use this held item for Pokemon that are skilled in offense.

The game's. Muscle Band lets players raise the damage of basic moves, which is highly effective for both defending and offense Pokemon. Wise Glasses raise the damage of special attacks, while Leftovers revives a Pokemon's health by one percent of its health bar with every passing second when it's not in combat.

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