Best Keybinds for Jett in Valorant

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The best keybinds for Jett in Valorant have been made available with the most recent Patch 3.12. This new keybind set will hopefully improve mobility and smoothness over the default set, which provides an awkward experience to accurately use Jett to her full potential.

Best Keybinds for Jett in Valorant

As players have been requesting custom keybinds for each agent for months, Riot has finally delivered in the new Patch 3.12. As each agent is given its own customizable option to change the keybind option, some agents with walls will now be synchronized and easy to remember as well as those with smokes or flashes. 

With Jett, though — she has had an awkward default key set that makes it hard to utilize her swift capabilities in a functional way. But this new update has made the Reddit community discuss and share their secrets to what is the best playstyle for Jett.

But the ideal layout is Jett’s Ultimate, Blade Storm, will be set to a button on the side of the mouse, Tailwind on Q, Updraft on E, and finally Cloudburst on F.

Of course this setup is ideal for those with a mouse that has a side button, but some other variants that are more accommodating to those without a gaming mouse may include Ultimate as Q, Updraft is still E, shift for Tailwind, and G for Cloudburst.