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Best Landing Spots for Apex Legends Storm Point 2022

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

The best landing spots for Apex Legends Storm Point 2022 concluded after the end of Season 11 and the expected Season 12 approaches. The list is just a general overview of what spots on the map are the best to land on, as most of the spots throughout the map have their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Landing Spots for Apex Legends Storm Point 2022

Storm Point is the newest map introduced in Season 11, along with Legend Ashe, it has been one of the many maps that players enjoy landing on in-game. With its stunning sky and tropical island setting, its debut Season: Escape showed lots of promise. With Season 11 ending, let's revisit the best points to landing spots on the map.

Order of Best Landing Points on Storm Point

  1. Checkpoint
  2. Cenote Cave
  3. Barometer
  4. The Mill
  5. Antenna
  6. Cascade Falls
  7. Storm Catcher
  8. Thunder Watch
  9. Lightning Rod
  10. North Pad
  11. Command Center
  12. Ship Fall
  13. The Wall
  14. Highpoint
  15. Fish Farms
  16. Gale Station

This list is just an overview of players' favorite drop spots in Season 11, as information about future updates with either a new map or adjustments to Storm Point has not been made. But hopefully, Respawn Entertainment will not change Storm Point as it is one of the best maps that they have released.