Best Landing Spots Throughout Verdansk in Warzone Season 2

Photo Courtesy of Activision and Raven Software's Call of Duty: Warzone

Whether your playing solo or running through Verdansk with your friends, one of the most important parts to securing a win in Call of Duty: Warzone is the very beginning, where you land. Your friends may all have different spots where they feel is the best place to start, on either hemisphere of the map. And now with Season 2 of Warzone in effect, these options are increased.

You can favor a certain landing spot depending on the situation, whether you want an easy win with not too much retaliation from enemies, or want to go out guns blazing and fight through hoards of enemy players, or get rich fast to secure your loadout and have the early advantage against everyone else. With all these options in mind, we've compiled our best five landing spots in Warzone, in no particular order, and why they are great for any situation you find yourself (or yourselves) in.

1. Vodianoy Shipwreck

Photo Courtesy of Activision and Raven Software

In the Season 2 update to Warzone, the Vodianoy Shipwreck was added to Verdansk, and has quickly become a favorite for players to land at, so if you are looking for a lot of kills and action without much time to rest, this is the supreme spot to land.

Photo Courtesy of Activision and Raven Software

Similar to Superstore, you will find most players landing here, so it may be difficult to secure the best loot with all the competition. There are still weapons and loot everywhere, so you won't be running around naked. Just be ready for the "War" in "Warzone," because you'll be busy for a while on the shipwreck.

2. Dam

Photo Courtesy of Activision and Raven Software

For those playing by themselves, we recommend flying up north to The Dam. With plenty of getaway options and places to sit quietly to compose yourself,

Once you grab some useable guns, you won't run into too much opposition, and you can head up to the top of the damn to find more, cash and loot, and many players don't think to head to the very top. Be careful not to get pinned though, because you are at the tip of the map, and if the circle is heading down south, you'll have a long way to go if there are enemies in between you and the circle.

Fortunately, as mentioned before, you've got escape options. There is the helicopter parked below the damn on the top of the warehouse, and a few vehicles scattered in running distance. You can also run west toward the western border of the map, where you'll have a height advantage over players in the warehouses below and at Storage Town. Don't expect too much leisure time, but you can land here for more time to breathe, and much less action.

3. Banks

For those trying to secure the bag early with their team, but don't want nearly as much stress as directly hitting superstore, the bank nearby can be a solid landing area, and is directly next to a couple of buildings that usually contain decent loot.

Once you get some weapons and cash here, there is usually a store in between the twin apartment buildings just east of your location. From there, you can grab a loadout, and you have plenty of directions to go. You can join the mayhem at superstore, drive south towards the train station to meet up with other squads, or go up the hill east towards the hospital, which will lead you to the chaotic downtown area.

The perk with this spot is that you won't run into every single player right away, but you'' run into enough loot and cash, and if you survive, you have all the options in the world of where to go, without much circle distance to cover to reach safety since you're near the center of Verdansk.

4. Prison

Another place to secure loot without too much action, diving down to the south-east area, Prison, in particular, gives you a not-so-hot area to grab and go. If the circle is towards the right hemisphere of the map, you won't have to travel far, but if it isn't, you have a helicopter in the center and another out west just outside the prison. You've also got multiple vehicles nearby, as well as a Scavenger or bounty objective usually inside the prison giving you something to do once you get out.

Photo Courtesy of Activision and Raven Software

Don't think you won't face some opposition here, and there are a lot of corners and hiding spots to get caught by a solo camper or two, but the amount of loot you can find here may be worth it to secure a potentially easy win early.

5. Downtown

Lastly, we have Downtown, which we would most recommend for duo matches. Yes, almost everyone will be landing here, but since it's only duos and not trios or quads, it won't be as crowded because you'll only have to worry about two people per team, and you'll have your teammate to watch your back while you watch theirs.

Downtown is the center of loot as well, with almost every building having enough loot individually to stack you for the game. And if you're good with a sniper, you can try and secure a skyscraper early on to pick off lingering teams down low until you have to flee for the circle, in that case, you can parachute all the way to the next circle, so long as you don't get sniped yourself. Since you're in the middle, your rotation options are plentiful, just try not to stay Downtown too long though. As we mentioned, it can get crowded super fast.